Overnight Camp: The Bedwetter’s Nightmare

Fear of discovery is one of the most anxiety-filled issues that a bedwetter has.  Discovery of the problem leads to experiences of being teases, shamed, humiliated and ostracized.


That worry is at it’s most intense for bedwetters who attend overnight summer camp.  As all of the fellow campers are piling into their beds, exhausted from the day’s activities, the bedwetter climbs into his bed hoping he can stay awake all night so that the set smelly sheets he would find in the morning if he did sleep would not appear.


Worse yet, if the child has daytime control problems (a result of constant nighttime wetting), avoidance of fellow campers is vital.   Worry and anxiety mark each day and the entire camp experience is not a fun filled time; it is a sentence of suffering at the fear of discovery.


Frequently, children who wet the bed complain that they don’t like camp and don’t want to attend.  Baffled by this, parents under estimate their child’s fear and assure them that double sheets, double underwear or rubber mattress covers, as part of the bedwetter’s camp equipment will protect them. Some children are given DDAVP with the hope that they will stay dry.  For the majority – their hopes are shattered.


To the enuretic child, one discovery is the same as one hundred.  The equipment or drugs offers no comfort.


Again, we can see how the problem that the doctors say will be “outgrown”, can cause psychological havoc to it’s victims, attacking self-esteem, increasing a sense of failure, and of being “different”.  Enuresis is a thief that robs children of much of their childhoods.


Author – Lyle Danuloff, Ph. D.


Dr. Danuloff is the past president of the Michigan Psychological Association, and has been on staff at The Enuresis Treatment Center for over 20 years.  Please visit our website at www.nobedwetting.com

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