Physicians At A Loss For Effective Bedwetting Treatment


Finding an effective bedwetting treatment for every patient

During a clinical assessment this week, a mom came into our clinic with her 13 year old son. She is a doctor. The Dad, also a physician, didn’t come in for the appointment since he had met us before when he came into our clinic three years ago to treat another of his children.

We wondered why they had waited so long to seek treatment for their 13 year old. The mom admitted that she had been trying to “re-create” our protocol with her son thinking she now knew what the program entailed, and that she could help him without our supervision. There were periods of time where she felt overwhelmed doing the work on her own and therefore stopped, and then when she would restart for other periods, she recognized that she couldn’t successfully apply to her 13 year old’s bedwetting the same thing that she did with her other son.

The fact is, it’s always different for each patient. Every bed wetter sleeps the same way, yet how they respond to treatment is altogether different. It has to be individualized. This mom became frustrated and desperate to help her now almost 14 year old son, so she called on us again.

Their educational backgrounds don’t apply to the treatment of bedwetting. Bed wetting is not physiological or psychological in nature, so medical treatment–which usually involves medication–doesn’t work. We are treating the underlying cause of enuresis – which is actually a sleep disorder and that is the only way to put a permanent end to this condition.

We know very well what it takes to both tailor-design the bed wetting treatment for each patient, and how to support every parent in implementing what’s needed. Nobody has to do this alone and hope that the program works. Parents recognize that they no longer have to be frustrated or overwhelmed. They feel relieved. Our 41 years of experience and our professional treatment staff is what makes all the difference. We work with you every step of the way until we reach what parents call on us for, to once and for all end a very stressful condition: bedwetting!

Nobody has to wake up in a wet bed ever again. We invite you to call us to have a clinical assessment to learn more about our program and how we can help you!

GaileGaile Nixon,
International Director and First Patient of ETC

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