Positive Experience for Bed Wetter at the Enuresis Treatment Center

Dear Patty:

Traveling back and forth to the Enuresis Family Center these past six months has been nothing but a positive experience for Michael and me. From the very first meeting to our last appointment, we have been hopefully and finally sure that “our problem” has been cured. I only wish we could have started this program years ago.

The staff has been nothing but polite, cheerful, and helpful. The program very definitely works and it’s not that difficult. But someone must be willing to commit themselves and to the child and the program to make it work.

Patty, you have been a good friend to Michael. You have been encouraging, reassuring, and have educated him about his problem. I think that it is important that you are prepared him for the possibility for a wet night sometime in the future. And should this happen he knows that it’s not disaster time. He knows that all we have to do is get in contact with you, and with a little extra work, he will be back to being dry again.

To Michael, I think that the end of the program means no more chances of embarrassment, comfort, confidence, and a sense of achievement – a lot to happen in just 6 short months!

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