Pre-Teens Still Bed Wetting


And One Day It Leads Into Adult Bedwetting

We spoke to a mom today in New York.  Although sometimes bedwetting is a difficult subject to broach with others, this mom was talking to the mother of her son’s new friend from school.  Bedwetting became the topic of conversation.  It was discovered that they had something in common:  An older child still bed wetting.  They each had an 11-year-old boy who wet the bed, and they both experienced the frustration of having to watch their boys live with it, and feeling helpless to do anything about it. They talked about all the failed attempts they each made, and expressed how they were feeling desperate if they were ever going to be able to stop bedwetting for their pre-teens. 

The second mom conveyed that her son once nervously attended a sleepover, but he decided to sleep “sitting up” on the sofa in hopes of not wetting.  It didn’t work.  Someone who continues to wet the bed sleeps too deeply no matter where or what position.  Her son was terrified when he discovered he had wet.  He turned over the sofa cushions in hopes of hiding it, but eventually the scent of the urine drew the host mom’s attention.  She asked her son about it, and in putting two and two together, the boy realized who it was and began to share about it at school.  We know that that’s a bedwetter’s worst nightmare!  She said it became the single most humiliating experience her son had ever endured, so much so that he asked to transfer to another school because he couldn’t bear to show up at school each day. 

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The mom in New York who called us was catapulted into action by that story.  She told us she felt guilty she had waited to long, but that their family physician assured her it would be over by now.  He prescribed drugs in the meantime.  And although this mom was against bedwetting medication, she felt as though she had to do something—anything—for her son until he outgrew it.  

After speaking with us, and once we explained statistics – 1 in 30 teenagers still need bedwetting treatment—she naturally became fearful of the possibility that her son’s bed wetting could continue into adulthood.  While chronic bedwetting is not commonly discussed, it is more common than one might think.  As adults, it’s talked about even less so.  Adults seek out our bedwetting treatment to discover that we are the leading authority in the field, and that we have stopped bedwetting for children, teens, and adults for the past 40 years.  For the first time in their lives, they feel relief and a sense that they will do more in their lives when free of the secret they’ve been keeping.   

Presently the oldest patient in our program is 44 years of age, and interestingly, he believes he was 11 when he began to give up hope that he would stop wetting the bed.    

A recent survey of 100 adults who experience bedwetting,  78% said they were told by their doctors there was not a bedwetting solution for them.   

Don’t wait to seek help.  One day a child is 11, and before you know it, they are grown…and still waiting…and having to live with the stress and stigma and discomfort of wetting the bed.  

We invite you to call us today.

GaileGaile Nixon,
International Director and First Patient of ETC

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