Research Scientist Found the Best Bedwetting Treatment for 10 year old: Audio Transcript

Claudia: Hello, we have Doris and Sara from Canada over the phone, and Sara is 10 years old. Sara, how   do you feel when you can wake up every day dry?


Sara: Oh my gosh, it’s just wonderful. And like just the thought of it when I first heard it , in the beginning, got me so going and I kept me so confident that you know, I can do this I can do this and it worked and now I’m not wetting.


Claudia: Wonderful. Well I’m glad that you are so enthusiastic and it is because you worked really hard but you made it. Ok?


Sara: You have to work really hard but it’s all worth it.


Claudia: Good, good.  Ok Doris, which is mom, we know that you work in a hospital as a scientist and you do cancer research right?


Doris: That’s correct


Claudia: Ok. How did you determine that our treatment was the right one for Sara?


Doris: Well, we had been going to doctors for this problem for quite a while and we were trying to find solutions and everybody’s answer was just wait and see she will outgrow it. They told us statistics, and it was starting to affect Sara’s self esteem. She was not doing well at school, she wasn’t very focused so we needed to get more serious about the whole issue. She was embarrassed about it with her friends, and didn’t want to do sleepovers. So we went online and just googled bedwetting and the Enuresis Treatment Center came up as a hit. And we researched it that way, and it had very good reviews a lot of people had written good things about it so, we thought that maybe this was a new route for us to try.


Claudia: Good, perfect, thank you. Sara, what changes did you notice from the past before you started getting dry?


Sara: Well I found I was very alone and I didn’t really feel like there were a lot of people in my school that were like me. I was not very focused in school I could not, I was so tired and I was always so sick and stuff that…yeah.


Claudia: Yeah, this is an amazing change for you. Good. Now, what would you like to tell other boys and girls with the same disorder, the same situation of bedwetting?


Sara: I just wanted to say that this is an amazing program and like, again, the thought of it and it’s definitely the program that works


Claudia: OK


Sara: I loved it


Claudia: Good, good. You’re so sweet. Doris, what else would you like to share with other parents about our Enuresis Treatment Center?


Doris: I guess the biggest question for us at the beginning was the cost. We were a little not sure whether it was worth it or not. But when you wrap it all up in a program and it was absolutely worth every penny. Sara’s a much happier little girl now, and she’s doing better in school, she’s more confident and it has helped her in all aspects of her life. So I would absolutely recommend the program to anybody with this problem.


Claudia: ok well thank you so much for being over the phone today with us and sharing your experience.


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