Teenager Affected by Deep-Sleep Bed Wetting


Deep-sleep bed wetting is more than a symptom

Upon completing treatment, parents send emails, letters and yes, even videos sharing how life is different once we have put a stop to bedwetting.

Here is a letter from a mom of a teenager.

“As a mother of a teenager who was a bed wetter, I had no idea his type of sleep was the real cause and bedwetting was just a symptom!  Thank goodness you knew this and bring decades of experience.  Bed wetting in teenagers is so much bigger than my doctor led us to believe.

My son was devastated and told me his self-esteem was shrinking.  His world was shrinking.  Every morning he would wake up with wet clothes, wet sheets and blankets.  So much laundry immediately comes to my mind.  For my part, laundry was never caught up.  Worse than laundering, was remaking the bed later each day, or worse than that was putting it back together at bedtime when everyone was tired.  The doctor never thought about all the time and energy, as well as the emotions that deep-sleep bedwetting can cause.

We live a great distance from relatives so, that was hard.  It always meant taking plastic for the beds, and extra bedding when we visited. It also meant waking up several times each night trying to arouse a sixteen year old was sound asleep.  Speaking of sound sleep, I always thought that was good sleep.  Then I had a conversation with a director at the clinic, Leslie Miller.  16 & still wetting the bed meant a deep sleep and for my son, not good sleep and always tired.

What a new sense of freedom we have!!  Our day gets off to a great start, and we all rest better at night.  Thanks for all your help in achieving this goal!  We appreciate you expert care and bed wetting treatment knowledge.

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