Treating the deep sleep that causes bed wetting

Rising Cost of Bedwetting

The rising cost of bedwetting article helps put into perspective how complex the issue of bedwetting can be to not only the individual experiencing bedwetting, but the entire family.  The article below discussed a yearly cost of L700 (English pound) which equates to 1102.99 U.S. dollars.

I do not know if this includes medications often prescribed for bedwetting.  Monthly medication costs for drugs used to attempt to end bedwetting can run from $100 – $ 500 per month.  Parents are often dismayed to learn that once the drug is removedthe wet bed returns.

I appreciate the often overlooked emotional “cost” of bedwetting, yet the article only mentions the helpless feeling that a parent might feel.  The cost for the person wetting their bed night after night then year after year is the most overlooked.


L. Danuloff, Ph.D.

Center for Bedwetting Treatment

Rising cost of bedwetting

In Bedwetting on August 20, 2012 at 12:41 pm

New figures have shown that bedwetting costs families an extra £716 per year.

To some, it might not sound much but it’s nearly a thousand pounds – and for a lot of families, an extra £700 a year could buy a holiday, 2 months worth of food shopping, a family membership to a country club and much more I haven’t even thought of yet!

But just a quick look at our parent’s message board will tell you it isn’t just the financial strain of bedwetting that can affect a family. It’s the broken nights, tiredness, extra washing, lack of understanding from friends or family and sometimes health professionals and the helpless feeling that you want to improve things for your child but don’t know how.

Jenny pointed out in her last blog entry  that over a million UK children suffer with continence problems, the most common being bedwetting.

ERIC is here to help children overcome bedwetting so that they can lead happier and more carefree lives and so that their parents don’t need to worry about buying pull-ups or extra PJs and sheets!

But to do this we need people to know we’re here. Many families hold off seeking help for childhood continence problems in the hope it will go away by itself. But why wait when there is often something that you can try to overcome the problem.


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