Sam Donaldson This Week Insensitivity to Bedwetters

On the Sunday, January 24, edition of  “This Week“, Sam Donaldson, in discussing the Democratic Party’s political weaknesses and fear of confronting issues, called the party “bedwetters” on two separate occasions. During one comment he said it is time for “no more bedwetting.”

As the Director and Founder of the Enuresis Treatment Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan, I am appalled at his insensitivity to the plight of over 20 million children, teens and adults in the country who suffer from the bedwetting disorder.

Bedwetting is not a sign of personal or character weakness of any kind. Bedwetters suffer from an inherited deep sleep disorder that produces their problem. Indeed, coping with the disorder takes a great deal of strength, far from the intellectual weakness Mr. Donaldson showed on Sunday.

Barbara Moore
Director / Founder – Enuresis Treatment Center