School Trips and Bed Wetting.

Chronic bedwetting takes a toll on the individual and the entire family.

The following blog post is from a mom seeking advice about her son’s bedwetting in regards to school trips.
Chronic bedwetting is a serious issue and we have many parents who contact us with the same concern. The fear of discovery can be enormous. A pending school trip or summer camp opens up the possiblity of ridicule and bullying.
An individualized treatment plan designed  to end the bedwetting needs to be the focus.  Our clinic’s deepest concern is the quality of sleep.  Chronic bedwetting, a 10 year old wetting the bed IS chronic, is the result of an enuresis sleeping disorder.  Bedwetting occurs in the deepest sleep when the brain is not arousable, an unable to receive full bladder signals.
Why turn to non-professionals for advice regarding something so serious? We have 39 years of experience treating bedwetting and our program medication-free and individualized.
Mom posted this May 14, 2014
“I’d be grateful for some advice. Ds is 10, in year 5 and still wetting the bed every night without fail. In year 6 they do a PGL trip and go away for a week. It’s in the July but give you from the previous September to pay for it. ds has taken it for granted that he is going. I really don’t want him to go if he’s still bed wetting because he’d be crucified if he had an accident. We are working with an enuresis clinic and follow all the advice, sleep hygiene etc but it shows no sign of abating. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to let him down. He’s a good boy. He strips his bed,opens the window, brings the laundry downstairs. As a former bedwetter myself I know how it feels and how frustrating it is to go to bed dry and wake up wet. I also know how cruel kids can be. Has anyone gone through similar?”
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