Treating the deep sleep that causes bed wetting

Side Effects of Bed Wetting: Psychological Impact and Economic Burden on Families

We carefully monitor information regarding bedwetting studies around the world.  To date, the largest study ever conducted regarding bed wetting and sleep was in 1968.  Dr. Broughton has the distinction of conducting the most thourough study regarding the real cause of chronic bed wetting:  a deep sleep pattern that is genetically passed.
A recent study out of University Hospital Ghent, Belgium,was based on a study of 30 bedwetting children aged 6 to 16 years old who were tested.
 “Up to 16% of children aged 5 years frequently wet the bed. After allergic disorders, bedwetting is the most common chronic childhood condition. While an extremely common disorder, bedwetting can have a significant psychological impact on those affected and an economic burden on their families.”

Sleep Disorders and Bedwetting

Sleep disorders can affect your ability to achieve and maintain restful nighttime sleep and can also cause excessive daytime sleepiness. Disorders associated with the daytime sleep...