Sleep Away Camp and Bedwetting: The Best Steps To Plan For An Anxiety-Free Experience.

Summer camp offers so many opportunities for children, yet it can instill fear in the heart of a bedwetter because no one wants to feel different – or be discovered.

Children and teenagers who wet the bed fear exposure of their issue. Even if they don’t express it, overnight camp can be anxiety-filled for them. They are likely to attempt to keep themselves awake all night so no one can discover their secret.
Below we offer some things for you to consider in planning and providing a sense of security for your child, making their stay at camp as enjoyable as possible.

1. Don’t assume the camp staff knows how to handle bedwetting issues:

a. Ask for a detailed account of how the young staff counselors handle bedwetting problems. Learn who and how they will be checking for wet sheets in the morning, and how they will be disposing of them.
b. If you are sending Pullups with your child or pre-teen, establish a contact person who will be in charge of collecting and disposing of them.
c. Don’t assume double sheets, double underwear or rubber mattress covers will protect them from discovery

2. What if your child has daytime accidents:

a. Chronic nighttime wetting can produce daytime control issues. This will likely increase fear and worry for your child in a camp setting.
b. Discuss a plan of action with your child should he/she have an accident during the day.
c. Share this agreed upon plan of action with their camp counselor
d. Determine how the staff discretely handles daytime accidents and urine-soaked clothing.

3. Prescription drugs do not offer a reliable solution for the entire stay at camp:

a. The drug most often prescribed for camp stays is DDAVP, also known as Desmospressin. According to the label insert, this drug requires reduction of fluids during the day, and yet children are very active at camp, and need to consistently drink fluids to stay properly hydrated.
b. Never assume any drub prescribe to treat bedwetting will keep your child dry. Drugs are unreliable, and even if you’ve found them to be effective, your child may spontaneously develop resistance to them.
c. Have a back-up plan in place in the event the drug fails.

4. What if your child resists the idea of summer sleep away camp:

a. If you wish for your child to attend camp, please listen to their concerns. It is not uncommon for someone who wets the bed to resist the idea of attending camp.
b. Please do not underestimate your child’s potential fear or anxiety, regardless of their age.
c. From our experience, the less a child or teenager complains about bedwetting, the more likely it is bothering them. Bedwetters often suffer silently.
We encourage you to begin treatment for the sleep disorder that is the real reason someone wets his or her bed at night. Changing their deep sleep pattern will permanently end the bedwetting. And then camp experiences will always be anxiety-free, and there will no longer be a secret to have to keep.

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