Suffering Is A Symptom of Bedwetting

Chronic bedwetting is a complex problem to treat. Parents of older chilcren, as well as adults, who continue suffering from bedwetting experience many failed attempts. A mom posted her own journey about bedwetting and the way she slept was the real cause of the bed wetting.
This mom is correct, chronic bedwetting is a sleep disorder. The challenge is, sleep clinics do not treat bed wetting. They send the sleep study results back to the prescribing doctor.
Our bedwetting clinic has 39 years of experience, as well as success, properly treating and ending bedwetting for children, teenagers and adults. Turn to the expert that only offers a predictable solution to end bedwetting.

The comments below was written in a parent blogging site.

How to stop bedwetting and preserve self esteem

When I was a kid I was a bedwetter. In fact, I did not grow out of it until around the common age of 14 years. By then my parents had subjected me to a myriad of home remedies and cures, including eating cinnamon sticks every day, waking me up at all hours of the night to “prevent” peeing the bed, sleeping on those electric pads that went under your sheets and buzzed loudly if they got wet, and so on.
The idea was to “train” the body to wake up when you peed, but the fact was that it was too late by that time. It never worked, ultimately. My parents finally gave up, and figured that washing my sheets was just going to be a daily routine. As I got older I had to wash them. None of us were able to help me stop bedwetting.
When I was younger, I suffered a great deal of embarrassment because I did not know how to stop bedwetting by myself (I tried!), and concluded that it was just something out of my control. My self-esteem plummeted and my friends stopped having me spend the night at their homes.
I once got punched in the stomach by one “friend” because I peed on her mattress and then got into a verbal argument with her over the fact that I could not stop bedwetting and said something mean to her because she wasn’t “understanding” enough.
Parenting bedwetters – stop bedwetting via a sleep lab
My oldest child wet the bed and suffered embarrassment and more by friends, and so by the time my youngest came around I decided a doctor visit was in order. The doctor sent us to the sleep lab, where it was determined that my child had a deep sleep issue. I then started to understand what was needed to stop bedwetting.
I then realized I had always been a deep sleeper too, as did my oldest child. Everything started to click. Sleep apnea, also related to bedwetting, is also something I have (I did not know until adulthood).
To stop bedwetting, the so called “experts” at the sleep lab suggested that my young child simply get more rest. So counterintuitive from what my parents tried (woke me up often to pee in the night, and refrained from letting me drink before bed), I was advised to give plenty of fluids and allow my child to sleep 10-12 hrs each night as a MINIMUM.

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