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Bed Wetting Solutions


Terri, a mom from Los Angeles, CA, called our clinic seeking a bed wetting solution that would finally put an end to her 10 year-old daughter Jessica’s bedwetting.  When she learned our clinic was 15 minutes from where she grew up, she was thrilled.


bed wetting solutionsDuring a Clinical Assessment with the parents, we learned Jessica was experiencing many symptoms that needed attention:  daytime urgencies, leaking and frequent trips to the bathroom.  Terri stated she was tired of hearing complaints from the teachers regarding constant classroom disruption because Jessica’s supposed need to frequently go to the bathroom.  Jessica was also wetting the bed multiple times at night.


Behaviorally, Jessica was tired, frustrated and anxious during the day, and she experienced little memory of dreaming during the night.   She was exhausted every morning, even after 9 hours of sleep.  4th grade was proving to be a challenge and Terri was hearing that Jessica was not working to her potential.

She was starting to worry about missing Girl Scout sleepovers, and was terrified one of her friends would discover she was a “bedwetter”.  She kept asking how to stop bedwetting.


By the end, our bedwetting solution ended her bedwetting, and, not only was Jessica waking up dry every morning, she was waking up refreshed and having recall of dreams.   The deep-sleep bedwetting was gone.  During a parent-teacher conference, Jessica’s teachers commented about the positive change in behavior and said that she no longer was disrupting the class with a constant need to go to the bathroom.  Jessica’s Girl Scout sleepover was successful and her mom said a new young lady had emerged as a result of ending the bedwetting.


Here is the letter mom sent to the Enuresis Treatment Center.


Monday, September 14, 2015


I am a 54 year-old mom of 2 girls, ages 12 and 10.  We live in California.


Our 10 year old daughter, who will be 11 in November 2015, was experiencing nightly wetting and occasionally daytime wetting.  My husband and I talked to her doctor about it.  The doctor suggested that her colon was not emptying itself completely and putting instant pressure on the bladder, which caused her daytime wetting.  We had to go through a CT scan, which our doctor said proved his diagnosis.  He suggested we put MiraLax in her juice drinks 3 x a day.  We did this for several months and it did not make any difference.


I spoke to my sister-in-law (also living in California) who experienced the same bedwetting problem with her daughter.  She told me about a enuresis clinic in Michigan who she had worked with and solved the bedwetting issue.   Ironically, another friend of mine reached out to the same experts – Enuresis Treatment Center!  I called immediately and learned so much.  I also discovered I had grown up a few miles from where the clinic is located.


I made phone contact in February and our treatment started almost immediately.  We worked with Claudia, who walked us through every treatment step needed to address symptoms…I learned bedwetting is just a symptom, not the cause.  We were so grateful that we did not have to fly to the clinic.  My daughter experienced so many improvements thanks to Claudia and the clinic’s vast experience with ending bedwetting.


Six months later, our daughter is confident, well rested and has been very comfortable on sleepovers.  4th grade is no longer a struggle, but a place where she thrives.


Thank you Claudia and everyone at the Enuresis Treatment Center.



Terri and Carl

Los Angeles, California

7 Bedwetting Tips for Parents


 Bedwetting Tips

bedwetting tips

1. Don’t Wait to Outgrow Bedwetting


The worst advice parents receive is to “just wait” to outgrow bedwetting.  Depending on family history, bedwetting can and does continue into late teens and adulthood.  If the symptom of bedwetting stops, the sleep disorder causing it can remain for their lifetime and can reappear in other forms, such as sleep apnea, which is rather dangerous and untreatable condition.


2. Explain to your child that bedwetting is only a symptom of their deep sleep and not their fault.


Bedwetting is caused by an inherited deep sleep disorder.  It is a symptom that appears as a result of the sleep disorder.  Other symptoms can include sleepwalking, night terrors, excessive snoring, sleep apnea, etc. Deep sleep is not be confused with “healthy” sleep, and neither the disorder or the bedwetting is their fault. Deep-sleep bed wetting can be treated.

3. Try to Help Your Child Get the Required Amount of Sleep

Sleep is when the brain flushes out, which is especially critical for children and teens. Lack of quality sleep can manifest itself in many obscure and subtle ways.  In addition to physical symptoms, the sleep pattern of bed wetter can create deprivation, which can cause behavioral difficulties during the day.  Children who bed wet do not get healthy, restorative sleep, and sleep is everything to how we function!


4. Don’t Encourage Your Child to Restrict Liquids

Fluid intake is vital for a healthy body and does not cause bedwetting.  Consumption of fluids does not cause bedwetting. It will only effect the volume of urine produced.

5. Avoid Giving “Bed Wetters” Medication

Since bedwetting is not caused by a medical problem, medications are not a solution; only a “band aid”.  If the drug appears to work at all, as soon as you discontinue its use, the bedwetting resumes.

This is a commonly suggested approach by physicians, yet drugs will not and cannot change the sleep pattern. They also have serious side effects.  Always consult with your Pharmacist to discuss side effects of bed wetting medication.

  6. Use of an Alarm for Treatment of Bedwetting is not the Answer.

Expecting an alarm to awaken a bed wetter is like expecting a smoke alarm to put out a fire.  An alarm on its own–without a professional team to design an individualized enuresis treatment program– will only end in frustration and failure.

7. Consider a bedwetting treatment clinic

Enuresis Treatment Center provides a permanent cure for bedwetting and covered by a money-back guarantee.  Bed wetters do not have to suffer in silence.  Instead of a bed wetting tip, we offer a drug-free, effective, and dependable bed wetting solution is available at our bedwetting clinic.   With over 40 years of experience treating this condition, with a 97% success rate, bedwetting can be solved permanently.

Bedwetting 11 Year Old “Enuresis Treatment Center Really Works”


Older Child Bedwetting Ends

A family from Portugal reached out for bedwetting treatment.   Everyone was pleased with the enuresis program – how to stop bedwetting.  Samantha and her mom sent us a letter.

Samantha wrote:

“I used to think that there was something very wrong with me, but now I understand that bed wetting affects people of all ages. I used to be afraid for my friends to spend the night and have them find out that I occasionally wet my bed. I am now more confident because I completed all the steps of the program and succeeded. I went from completely soaking the bed, to large spots, to actually waking before I wet everything, even my underwear. Before I did this program, I went to a hypnotist and even used alarms. The Enuresis Treatment Center program really works!!”

Mom wrote

“We’ve noticed a great improvement since completing the enuresis clinic’s program.  Samantha’s confidence in regards to both her academic life and with her peers has greatly increased.   Slumber parties are no longer events she avoids. A fitting celebration is in the works for a job well done… we’ve GRADUATED!!!! Finally and end to this.  I was so fearful she would be bed wetting in her teenager years.”

Portugal Family



Samantha (11 yrs old) Portugal



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Bedwetting In Teenagers – How to Get Relief

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Bedwetting in Teenagers – How Can This Happen?

A mom of a 16-year-old wanted to thank the treatment team for all their help.  Her son located our clinic and urged his mom to call to learn about our bedwetting solution.

Dear Mrs. Moore:

I have an 16 year old son that just successfully completed your bedwetting program. My teenage son had a bed wetting problem all his life and finally took matters into his own hands to stop bedwetting.   He found out about your bedwetting clinic and pressured us to call and start this program. I was very apprehensive believing my son would feel ill at ease, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Our treatment advisor, Michael, was very professional and my son had absolutely no problem following the bed wetting treatment plan developed for him.

After years of taking enuresis medication pills and using the bed wetting nasal sprays, which had side affects, and still wetting the bed, my son was at his wits end. He was on the internet and easily found your website.

My son kept pushing us until we agreed to make an appointment.  Thank God.  After 6 months of treatment my son no longer wets the bed.  Each month saw an improvement.  He has been dry for 5 months and is now looking forward to college. The cost of the program was well worth it and we do not regret making the decision.  How can a doctor look a sophomore in high school and tell he will not be wetting the bed when he graduates!

I decided to write this letter so parents with older children did not continue to think nothing can be done because a doctor tells them to wait.

I cannot thank you enough for the help for ending the deep-sleep bed wetting.   You are the specialist that really understood his sleep and how it caused the bedwetting.  

We worked hand in hand toward the same final goal.  My son is confident and pleased that things worked out so well – this is what he hoped for and he was not disappointed with the handling of your program.


Michelle T.

Columbus, Ohio