16-Year-Old Continued Wetting the Bed – Why Trust Us?

Bedwetting counselor, Claudia, works at Enuresis Treatment Center


We are always grateful when a family wants to share their experience with other parents searching for help for their child, especially a teenager, to stop wetting the bed.  Here is the written version of this mom’s conversation with her counselor, Claudia, as they were completing treatment.

MOM: I’m so unbelievably grateful, and also just to this company. Words can’t begin to describe how truly thankful we are for all it has done.

After so many years of dealing with this problem, I can’t believe it’s no longer an issue in our house. I have a very healthy, happy, dry 16-year-old, so we just want to sincerely say thank you.

Our previous experience was with a company called Pacific International. It was a very long and draining experience that we had, and it was also unsuccessful. We started the program when my son was nine years old, and were very optimistic that it was going to help him.

We tried on our own, but knew we needed help at that point.

I’m sure as anyone knows who is dealing with this bedwetting problem, it’s very heartbreaking to see your teenager wake up wet every morning.

Pacific International told us that the program should work anywhere between one and two months to six months to a year at the longest.

My son was on that program for four years. At that point we said that that was enough, and we asked for a refund. They pushed off that request, and asked if we could try a couple more things.

Of course we did. We wanted to try more things because we wanted our son to be dry more than anything. The money wasn’t that important; we just wanted to get him dry.

The things they asked us to do were things we had already done and that hadn’t worked the first time, but we still tried.

After another long period of time–probably more than six months at least–we called it quits. To this day, we never received a refund that was promised, and I know we never will.

But we stayed with that program for so long–probably over the course of six years–because we wanted for our son to be dry.

We honestly didn’t know what else to do at that point. We just had no other answers. We were hoping and praying that he would grow out of it on his own, but he never did.

So for about a year, we just did nothing. Sometimes he would have long stretches of dry periods, and sometimes he would have long stretches of wetting. At this point, he was approaching 16 years old, and we knew we needed help, and that’s when we found the Enuresis Treatment Center.

CLAUDIA: Wonderful! So why did you trust us? What made you trust us?

MOM: First of all, we loved how the company began…by a woman looking for a solution to help her daughter. Gaile was wonderful on the phone. We knew a lot went into finding and researching solutions that worked, and we were just very impressed by all the people we spoke to.

I’m going to be very honest with you. We were very skeptical about this program –as you can only imagine — after all we had been through. We were also very tired and drained from working so hard at this for so long with no results.

As much as we were hopeful and optimistic that this was finally our answer, we went into this without that brand new excited energy that you might have when you start something new, but something felt different, and we knew that we were going to give it a shot.

CLAUDIA: Do you have any difference you want to share with us?

MOM: There were a lot of differences to the program actually that we found. While some of the methods were actually similar in nature, ETC had a lot of positive differences. For one, just the equipment in general. It was so much more comfortable for my son and so much easier to use. Also, a couple of the simplest exercises that he did on your program were so effective, and he had never done that before in the past –they were never presented to him. That was a great step, and obviously that worked.

One other big difference that comes to mind. On the other program, the only communication we had with our caseworker was through the mail. If we had problems or concerns, we would call, but it was not on a regular basis. Only as needed.

Here with you, we were assigned a wonderful caseworker who I spoke with every two weeks. It was wonderful; so personable. I was able to ask questions–even the smallest ones– regarding my son in particular. It was personal in nature, which was great. It was a great process.

Listen to the audio version of this conversation here

Bed Wetting Clinic Cares About My Child’s Problem

Bed Wetting Clinic Has the Best Care!

As the parent of a child who just successfully completed your bed wetting treatment  program, I want to express my gratitude to your organization and the people who helped my son.  He has been dry for months after years of wetting the bed at least 50% of the time.  I only wish I had contacted your enuresis clinic  sooner rather than later and we could have avoided years of bed wetting for our son.  We tried restricting his liquids after dinner but that didn’t work.  While we never blamed him for the nightly wet bed it was a source of frustration for everyone involved.


We discussed the situation with his doctor who told us to restrict his liquids and caffeine but that didn’t work.  Why he thought that was and effective bed wetting solution is beyond me.    Finally I decided to do research online and came across your organization along with several others.  I decided to choose  your bed wetting clinic after talking with Barbara Moore.  I felt that she really cared about helping people with this problem and I liked the fact that your staff was willing to work with every patient for as long as it takes. Since our son was an older child still bed wetting, we knew we needed an experienced team!  Our doctor was skeptical that this would work but I decided to go forward with the deep-sleep bedwetting program.  Everything was explained along the way by our counselor and it was easy to do the meetings over the phone.  Your program is the most comprehensive of the bed wetting solutions  I researched and I am confident it will lead to long-term success.  Needless to say we are very happy now that our son as been dry for months and has completed the program.


If you would like to use me as a reference for any other parents who have questions about the program or your bed wetting clinic,  I would be happy to do so.  We are very thankful for what you have accomplished for our son and countless others as well.


Steve in Massachusetts

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How to Stop Bedwetting – With Expert Bedwetting Help

Stop Guessing When It Comes To A Bed Wetting Solution


Enuresis Treatment Center


Dear Lorie:


Wow, how can I sum up one of the best endeavors I have ever participated in?  At the start of your bedwetting program, my son was 10 and I had already exhausted every “solution or system” I could get my hands on to end his bedwetting, tried to cope with bedwetting, tried handling bed wetting.  Our pediatrician, as much as I have faith in him, was of no help with older children bed wetting, as he only would say he will grow out of it.  We could not figure out how to stop bedwetting for my son.  How to stop bedwetting was a question I use to ask myself everyday. We tried moisture alarms and they were no help. So in total frustration and despair, I hit the Internet one last time for anything that could help him. I simply typed in “how to stop bedwetting” and I found the website for Enuresis Treatment Center and began to read about your bedwetting program.  I put a lot of thought and consideration into the program and spent much time reading the parent comments.  I realized my son was a sound sleeper.  The deep sleep was causing the bed-wetting.   I talked with my son and we decided to make the first phone call.


From our first conversation with Enuresis Treatment Center I had renewed hope.  From the moment forward I never doubted the treatment plans success.  Through much education and hard work our dreams of dry nights have finally been realized after 11 years.  I cannot emphasize how much this has changed all of our lives.  Our son has a freedom to do things for the first time in his life.  Spend the nights and trips out of town are no longer scary prospects.  He doesn’t have a “dirty little secret” anymore.We cannot believe the bedwetting help you gave us.  Most importantly it has given me a child who wakes up with a big smile on his face each day!  These things are invaluable to us.


Lorie, I cannot thank you enough for all of the help you have provided my son.     You have been with us every step of the way guiding and tailoring the program to fit my older child bed wetting.  You have always been a bright and encouraging ray of sunshine.  You possess a unique ability to handle a delicate situation with respect and compassion.  For this I am forever grateful and would recommend this program to anyone with a chronic bedwetting problem.  After all in a few months we went from big nightly wets to none at all.  I truly believe that we could have NEVER achieved this without you and this program.


Thank you so very much,


Cindy Y.

Dallas, Texas – The Great State!


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