Bedwetting Treatment for Teenagers


Daria Search for a Bedwetting Treatment for Teenagers

So often, children or teenagers think they are the only one who wets the bed. 

bedwetting in teenagers

We know it is important to learn you are not the only one, it is not your fault and we are the leading authority for the treatment of bed wetting in teenagers.

Here are some thoughts from Darja regarding her experience with our program.

“Before I started this program, I hated wearing pull-ups every night.  It was embarrassing!  How can a doctor think a teenager is going to be happy wearing a diaper… That is not a bedwetting solution, it is a lousy excuse.  Just tell me you do not know how to stop bedwetting – my bedwetting.

The Enuresis Treatment Center helped me a lot. Who knew there was a specialist for bedwetting treatment for teenagers like me!  And… understand what someone my age is going through – the embarrassment, frustration, lower than low self-esteem.

First, I was a little nervous, but then everything got better!  The way my brain began to feel with much better sleep was amazing.  Waking up dry more and more regularly was amazing.  Some parts were hard hard but at the end I looked back and said it was worth it!

My support counselor, Sue k, was very encouraging and very nice.  She has years of experience working with teenagers.  She is also a nurse, so she really understands.

I am very thankful that there was a specialty bedwetting center – I just called everyone who works at this center a miracle worker.  They had all the steps important to my problem and ways to help me leave the bedwetting behind.

I have a new life.


Darja – Southern California and never leaving!


Thank you Darja, we always appreciate hearing from someone who has just completed treatment.




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