Six-Year-Old Deeply Sad About Bedwetting

During a Clinical Assessment with Barbara Moore, Founder of Enuresis Treatment Center, the parents of 6 year old Sara were stunned when she revealed how sad she was about wetting the bed.  Sara began to talk about feeling different from her “sunny” friends.  She shared her fears that they would find out that she was a “bed wetter.”  Sara then said that she wanted to “bury her secret” in the backyard of her Novi, Michigan home.  Being bright and sensitive, she was painfully aware of the bed wetting problem and said she was tired of waiting to outgrow it.  Barbara praised the parents for recognizing the deep-sleep bed wetting problem and searching for a solution.

The Clinical Assessment is a time of listening and learning about the many symptoms and emotions that result from wetting the bed.  Barbara explained to Sara that there are many pieces to her bedwetting puzzle; all important, and all need attention.  During the Assessment we explain that this is a critical time of discovery and preparation for developing an individualized, drug-free treatment plan, that is research-based and has a 97% success rate.

During treatment Sara not only had a role, she began to understand why the nighttime bedwetting and the daytime accidents were not her fault.  Each step of her bedwetting treatment plan brought subtle changes, which eventually lead to a permanent end.  Mom was pleased that the deep-sleep bed wetting was over and Sara awakened each morning dry and refreshed.

Our Enuresis Treatment Center receives calls from all over the world.  Everyday parents are asking how to stop bedwetting and for help for their teenagers, and frequently adults are phoning, desperate for a solution to end their suffering.

Sara’s mom told Barbara, that when she saw Sara’s drawing expressing that she was now “free like a bird,” her heart overflowed with happiness.  Mom said she knew she had made the right decision by contacting Enuresis Treatment Center.



California Mom Seeks Bed Wetting Solutions

Bed Wetting Solutions


Terri, a mom from Los Angeles, CA, called our clinic seeking a bed wetting solution that would finally put an end to her 10 year-old daughter Jessica’s bedwetting.  When she learned our clinic was 15 minutes from where she grew up, she was thrilled.


bed wetting solutionsDuring a Clinical Assessment with the parents, we learned Jessica was experiencing many symptoms that needed attention:  daytime urgencies, leaking and frequent trips to the bathroom.  Terri stated she was tired of hearing complaints from the teachers regarding constant classroom disruption because Jessica’s supposed need to frequently go to the bathroom.  Jessica was also wetting the bed multiple times at night.


Behaviorally, Jessica was tired, frustrated and anxious during the day, and she experienced little memory of dreaming during the night.   She was exhausted every morning, even after 9 hours of sleep.  4th grade was proving to be a challenge and Terri was hearing that Jessica was not working to her potential.

She was starting to worry about missing Girl Scout sleepovers, and was terrified one of her friends would discover she was a “bedwetter”.  She kept asking how to stop bedwetting.


By the end, our bedwetting solution ended her bedwetting, and, not only was Jessica waking up dry every morning, she was waking up refreshed and having recall of dreams.   The deep-sleep bedwetting was gone.  During a parent-teacher conference, Jessica’s teachers commented about the positive change in behavior and said that she no longer was disrupting the class with a constant need to go to the bathroom.  Jessica’s Girl Scout sleepover was successful and her mom said a new young lady had emerged as a result of ending the bedwetting.


Here is the letter mom sent to the Enuresis Treatment Center.


Monday, September 14, 2015


I am a 54 year-old mom of 2 girls, ages 12 and 10.  We live in California.


Our 10 year old daughter, who will be 11 in November 2015, was experiencing nightly wetting and occasionally daytime wetting.  My husband and I talked to her doctor about it.  The doctor suggested that her colon was not emptying itself completely and putting instant pressure on the bladder, which caused her daytime wetting.  We had to go through a CT scan, which our doctor said proved his diagnosis.  He suggested we put MiraLax in her juice drinks 3 x a day.  We did this for several months and it did not make any difference.


I spoke to my sister-in-law (also living in California) who experienced the same bedwetting problem with her daughter.  She told me about a enuresis clinic in Michigan who she had worked with and solved the bedwetting issue.   Ironically, another friend of mine reached out to the same experts – Enuresis Treatment Center!  I called immediately and learned so much.  I also discovered I had grown up a few miles from where the clinic is located.


I made phone contact in February and our treatment started almost immediately.  We worked with Claudia, who walked us through every treatment step needed to address symptoms…I learned bedwetting is just a symptom, not the cause.  We were so grateful that we did not have to fly to the clinic.  My daughter experienced so many improvements thanks to Claudia and the clinic’s vast experience with ending bedwetting.


Six months later, our daughter is confident, well rested and has been very comfortable on sleepovers.  4th grade is no longer a struggle, but a place where she thrives.


Thank you Claudia and everyone at the Enuresis Treatment Center.



Terri and Carl

Los Angeles, California

Bed Wetting Clinic Cares About My Child’s Problem

Bed Wetting Clinic Has the Best Care!

As the parent of a child who just successfully completed your bed wetting treatment  program, I want to express my gratitude to your organization and the people who helped my son.  He has been dry for months after years of wetting the bed at least 50% of the time.  I only wish I had contacted your enuresis clinic  sooner rather than later and we could have avoided years of bed wetting for our son.  We tried restricting his liquids after dinner but that didn’t work.  While we never blamed him for the nightly wet bed it was a source of frustration for everyone involved.


We discussed the situation with his doctor who told us to restrict his liquids and caffeine but that didn’t work.  Why he thought that was and effective bed wetting solution is beyond me.    Finally I decided to do research online and came across your organization along with several others.  I decided to choose  your bed wetting clinic after talking with Barbara Moore.  I felt that she really cared about helping people with this problem and I liked the fact that your staff was willing to work with every patient for as long as it takes. Since our son was an older child still bed wetting, we knew we needed an experienced team!  Our doctor was skeptical that this would work but I decided to go forward with the deep-sleep bedwetting program.  Everything was explained along the way by our counselor and it was easy to do the meetings over the phone.  Your program is the most comprehensive of the bed wetting solutions  I researched and I am confident it will lead to long-term success.  Needless to say we are very happy now that our son as been dry for months and has completed the program.


If you would like to use me as a reference for any other parents who have questions about the program or your bed wetting clinic,  I would be happy to do so.  We are very thankful for what you have accomplished for our son and countless others as well.


Steve in Massachusetts

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My Daughters Life Is Easier Since Completing the Bedwetting Treatment


How to Stop Bedwetting Rather Than Just Dealing With Bedwetting

“For a year now I have tried so many ways of handling / dealing with my daughters bedwetting problems.  From just ignoring it hoping it would go away to using medications that only worked while you were on them. I kept asking and searching .. how to stop bedwetting.  My pediatrician offered suggestions, no real solution.   Finally discovering an expert who worked with us from beginning to a REAL end to her bedwetting and it has made my daughters life easier.

The Enuresis Treatment Center program is great.  They do not use medications,  which was a great concern to me.  It is a lot of hard work done with a team effort, with tremendous support and a great deal of knowledge about what really causes bedwetting.  There was a mix of a lot of love, understanding and encouragement from everyone.

Each session with Mary Anne Rice was enlightening and instructional.  We knew step-by-step what to work on.   – the results are well. RESULTS.  I no longer ask how to stop bedwetting, I tell everyone.  The treatment staff at the clinic are very knowledgable, understanding, concerned, helpful people.  Jacki and I extend a BIG THANKS for all your help.

Diane M.

Worthington, Ohio


Thanks Diane and Jacki!  We appreciate the kind words.  Our specialists have treated bed wetting for children, teens, and adults around the world, regardless of where you live, we have a solution.

Bedwetting in Teenagers

bedwetting in teenagers




Bedwetting in teenagers was never mentioned during doctor visits.

For the past five years my family and I have been frustrated about my daughters’ bed wetting.  She is fourteen years old and I kept thinking she would grow out of it.  My daughter would feel bad because she felt that she was the only one in the world and especially her age that had this problem.  She never spent the night at a friend’s house because we were afraid that she may have an accident and embarrass herself.  I took her to her Pediatrician and he said there might be something wrong with her bladder, instead of focusing on ways to help a bed wetting teenager!

So she went through tests, but everything was fine.  The doctor said that she’ll grow out of it.  So I left it at that for awhile because I figured he was an excellent doctor (chief of pediatrics), so if there was something he could do about it he would.  Then the next time I took her in I happened to mention it to one of the nurses.  She said a friend took her daughter to your Enuresis Clinic.

I got tired of hearing that she should wait to grow out of it and decided to take her to see you.  If you think about it, why should I see someone who is not a specialist who has bedwetting treatment for teenagers.  Within a short time (about two weeks) we started seeing some changes.  I think back to all the things I tried to do to help her and failed because of the lack of information that I had about deep-sleep bed wetting.  The lack of information for bedwetting in teenagers is even less.

We felt we had tried so many things, but they were all guesses.  I would limit her fluid intake.  I would also wake her up once or twice during the night to empty her bladder.  Sometimes I would yell at her because I thought she might be doing it on purpose.  I’m sure there are many older children bed wetting out there with the same problem.  I now tell them that there is hope.  It’s finally over for us.

Thank you for help us.

Henry,  Monica and one happy teenager,  Santa Monica, California

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