Testimonial (audio)

Paul, 18, Just Wanted To Feel Normal

“As I started on the program, I accepted I had to work if I was going to be normal, be able to do some of the things my friends could do.”

“I am a physician who was searching to find a solution for my own teenage son.  I would recommend this to anyone who is dealing with bedwetting”.

“I am telling you to go ahead and do your research, but you will end up coming back here.  Each appointment was very specific to my son Jack.  You were with me every step of the way.”

“My husband and I are researchers, scientists.  I was struck by the information about the sleep disorder in the description of the bedwetting problem.  That is what caught my attention.  My nine-year-old was not outgrowing bedwetting.”

School Psychologist, Michael Stallsmith, Talks About How Bedwetting Restricts a Teenagers Life
Bedwetting is a genetic deep sleep disorder and not psychological or emotional at its base. We certainly have seen psychological and emotional issues that have come about, which restricts that child or teenager’s life.”

“My son was approaching 16 and everything we tried failed to end his bedwetting.  We loved how your program began. A mother looking for a solution for her daughter.”

“Hi, my name is Krystal and with their help I stopped wetting the bed at 18.  They work with you a lot and make sure your are following everything. I haven’t wet the bed in three months.  I am really happy with the outcome.”

23 Years Old – I Wet The Bed As Long As I Can Remember

“When I found out I have a sleep disorder, it explained so much. I wasn’t feeling restful. Bedwetting medication was never effective. I was thrilled there was actually a solution.”

“We come from Sydney, Australia.  I could not find much help for bedwetting in Australia. The internet helped me find your Enuresis Center.  Ella, who is six, would wake up grumpy, not happy, tired.  I did not know the heavy sleep that caused her bedwetting was an inherited condition.  She now wakes up a completely different person.”

“I am a dad of a seven year old and we are from Nebraska. We have tried homeopathic, prescription meds, getting him up, even chiropractic.  My son was afraid to go camping last summer because he said the bears would smell him if he wet the bed. They would get him.  We chose the Enuresis Treatment Center for many reasons – the money-back guarantee, the success rate and all the people we listened to on the website.

From every night bedwetting to every night a dry bed.

End the sleep disorder – end the bedwetting.

“This is Lisa, and this is Paul and we are from California.  Nate, our eight-year-old just graduated from your stop bedwetting program.  Our biggest fear was that the bedwetting would go on for a long time.  Our pediatrician suggested bedwetting alarms but they had such a high relapse rate.  We did not want to chase things that would not fix the problem.”

Testimonial of a mom thanking us, mentioning how the bedwetting treatment program was structured and very step-by-step.

Happy to have achieved dry.

Mom and son from the UK found the cure for bedwetting.

Now Can Attend College at Peace Knowing Bed Wetting is Behind Her.  Able to Live a Normal Life!

Mom talks about all the support Claudia has given her during the program.  Her 13 year old feels so much better without having to wear a pull up and waking up dry.

A Michigan mom talking about nothing ever worked until this bedwetting program.  In months it changed our lives.

Mom talks about being proud of son and the treatment program was a good experience for both.  She is going to bake a cake to mark the moment.

Mom states “Wish we would have started your bedwetting treatment sooner!  If not for your program we would still be struggling.”

“My name is Lynn and I am from Ontario, Canada.  We visited four pediatricians and they all said he would outgrow bedwetting.  They prescribed pills but never solved the enuresis problem.  My son was wetting the bed three times a night.”

“I want to thank the whole team of bedwetting experts.  What a huge relief to get to this point.  I now have a happy 10-year-old boy who is proud and confident.”

“This has been a gift, really to our family and this amazing process for both myself, my husband and our son so that we could give him his self-confidence back.”.