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Successfully treating the deep sleep that causes bedwetting

The Constant Worry of Bedwetting – What Does it Cost In The Long Run?

The emotional cost of bedwetting is often overlooked by medical professionals who continue to tell parents, children and teenagers not to worry about it.
A letter written by the Crocie Family from Michigan.
Dear Enuresis Treatment Center and Sue K, our Treatment Advisor,
“We would like to Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping Carleigh overcome what had become a constant worry in our daily lives.
Carleigh was almost 9 years old when we contacted your clinic last year.  She had rarely gone more than one night without wetting the bed.  I had asked her doctor at every annual well child visit since age 4, and the doctor always dismissed me with an offhand comment “she will grow out of it”.  I accepted this answer until about age 7.  The bedwetting was every night and did not appear to be improving, or should I say slowing down.  I pushed for a solution and heard from the doctor that perhaps her tonsils are interfering with her sleep, let’s take them out and see if that helps.  Needless to say, the unnecessary surgery (in my opinion)  to remove her tonsils did not help her bedwetting problem.  This made me realize I had to do something different.  Her doctor was just not helping at this point.
We heard all the usual “remedies” like don’t drink after dinner, get her up in the night to go, offer rewards for dry nights, etc etc… I spent hours on the computer researching what worked for people.  I tried every crazy whim that I read (that was not harmful – or at least I thought.) From my daughter’s perspecitive…each attempt ended in a failure…her failure.  That was taking an emotional toll on her.
We thought we had some success with homeopathic herbs and tablets.  A couple of dry nights.  I was determined not to let the doctor put her on prescription medicine, because I knew that did not “fix” the problem.
We heard about your enuresis clinic from a friend that had a son who went through your program.  After hearing about their son’s success and speaking with a director at the center, we needed a bedwetting solution now. She was in the fourth grad and still wearing pullups nightly.  Daily I was affecting by the stress of this.  I kept wondering what my daughter was going through emotionally.
Entering treatment, we met Sue, who became our treatment advisor.  I could not believe I did not have drive to the clinic.  Sue was great, consistent and patient with us as we learned each step of our program and got Carleigh headed in the right direction.  The changes we began to see were worth the time spent.
I began to notice Carleigh waking up easier in the morning.  This was a big welcome change for me, expecially because it had always been a BIG struggle.  Who knew the bedwetting was because of the deep sleep and the deep sleep was not good sleep for her.
I feel as if we all have benefited from this program.  It is wonderful to NOT worry every night.  Not to worry about scary sleepover requests, washing sheets, paying for pullups, doctors visits for the rashes, hotel nights of dread.  Carleigh will talk about “back when I used to wet the bed”.  It is so nice to see her look well rested, act well rested, confident in knowing it is in the past and she has moved on.  She loves being able to spend the night somewhere and not worry about being discovered by a friend or a parent. The emotional relief is visible.
She continues to get up each morning refreshed and ready to go to school. I want to thank you all, expecially Sue!  My daughter is thriving and growing, finally we can say We Made It!  Life is a great deal less stressful and worrisome because of you.”
The Crocie Family,

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