Bedwetting in Teenagers

bedwetting in teenagers




Bedwetting in teenagers was never mentioned during doctor visits.

For the past five years my family and I have been frustrated about my daughters’ bed wetting.  She is fourteen years old and I kept thinking she would grow out of it.  My daughter would feel bad because she felt that she was the only one in the world and especially her age that had this problem.  She never spent the night at a friend’s house because we were afraid that she may have an accident and embarrass herself.  I took her to her Pediatrician and he said there might be something wrong with her bladder, instead of focusing on ways to help a bed wetting teenager!

So she went through tests, but everything was fine.  The doctor said that she’ll grow out of it.  So I left it at that for awhile because I figured he was an excellent doctor (chief of pediatrics), so if there was something he could do about it he would.  Then the next time I took her in I happened to mention it to one of the nurses.  She said a friend took her daughter to your Enuresis Clinic.

I got tired of hearing that she should wait to grow out of it and decided to take her to see you.  If you think about it, why should I see someone who is not a specialist who has bedwetting treatment for teenagers.  Within a short time (about two weeks) we started seeing some changes.  I think back to all the things I tried to do to help her and failed because of the lack of information that I had about deep-sleep bed wetting.  The lack of information for bedwetting in teenagers is even less.

We felt we had tried so many things, but they were all guesses.  I would limit her fluid intake.  I would also wake her up once or twice during the night to empty her bladder.  Sometimes I would yell at her because I thought she might be doing it on purpose.  I’m sure there are many older children bed wetting out there with the same problem.  I now tell them that there is hope.  It’s finally over for us.

Thank you for help us.

Henry,  Monica and one happy teenager,  Santa Monica, California

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