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Successfully treating the deep sleep that causes bedwetting

Three Generations Treated for Bedwetting

Chronic bedwetting runs in families because of an inherited deep sleep disorder.
Founder Barbara Moore found herself in a consultation with three generations. Grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter.  The grandmother had encouraged her visiting daughter to take action and help her precious grandson stop wetting the bed.
Barbara said “A few days ago I conducted an appointment with a Grandma from Michigan, along with her daughter, the Mom of the almost eight year old son who wets the bed. They live in Texas. Grandma sought help for her own son 34 years ago and was thrilled to, again, find our clinic. The son that we treated for chronic bedwetting married a woman with two children, one of which wet the bed. She was 6 years old and her name is Jori. At 7 years old the parents brought Jori to our enuresis clinic for treatment.
Grandma could not believe the coincidence. After her grandson’s consultation, the family looked through our many books of testimonial letters and drawings. Much to everyone’s surprise and delight, Jori’s letter was in one of the books. Jori is now 27.”
Barbara is always pleased when the next generation returns for help to end the bedwetting.
More and more people are openly talking about bedwetting because of the increased awareness about the real cause – a deep sleep disorder. Treat the sleep disorder and end the chronic bedwetting.

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