CAUTION – Top Five Methods That Don’t Work

With nearly five decades exclusively ending bedwetting, we’ve seen and heard it all.  We want you to be aware of the top five misleading methods we know just don’t work. 

Take MedicationBedwetting drugs, such as DDAVP, simply dehydrate the body.  They’re known to be only a temporary fix—at best.  If it works at all, once the medication is discontinued, the bedwetting resumes immediately.  Moreover, the side effects are alarming.  Important Note: Less than one percent of bedwetting is caused by a medical condition.  That’s why most doctors refer their patients to us.  They know this condition is out of their realm of expertise.  We have the utmost respect for that.

Wait, It Will Go Away Most of our patients are teenagers because they’ve been playing the waiting game.  Yet when they have to leave for college as a bedwetter, they’re devastated.  Additionally, throughout the years, they continued to experience poor quality sleep, and they usually encountered other challenges:  Tiredness upon awakening, grades dropping, zest for life diminishing, etc. Important Note:  IF someone outgrows bedwetting, they’re left with the disordered pattern.  This means they’ll potentially develop other symptoms associated with the disorder such as sleepwalking, sleep talking, sleep paralysis, night terrors, and bruxism.  These are not curable conditions.

The Blue-Colored Mat AlarmIf you see this advertised, know that it’s an internet-based company; not a clinic. They sell a gimmick product that ends up costing you.  We know this because we consistently hear from families who’ve tried it, and wasted their investment.  Their videos and data entry cannot replace a human therapist who works directly with you.  What our Bedwetting Treatment Therapists do is tailor a patient’s protocol, eliminate guesswork, and provide you with full support during the entire journey.  Consistent communication is key.  Their internet-based business simply offers a well-marketed stop-gap product with no vested interest in the outcome—or your child’s future.  Moreover, they offer a 30 day guarantee, yet it takes months to properly teach the brain if you want to see a permanent end to bedwetting.  The bottom line:  That kind of guarantee generates false hope and trust. 

Restrict FluidsConsumption of fluids is not a contributory factor to bedwetting.  One could refrain from drinking all day and still wet the bed. Fluids consumed near bedtime only affect the volume of urine.

Treat Constipation Impacted bowels are not a causal factor for bedwetting. We found a urologist who is suggesting a protocol of 90 days of enemas, which is not only missing the mark, it’s also unnecessarily traumatizing. We’ve discovered over the years that constipation is actually a symptom of the bedwetting.  It’s the result of a weakened and desensitized pelvic floor muscle that’s not being utilized at night.

A Word About Alarms For Treating Bedwetting

We estimate 9 out of 10 families that call on us have already purchased an alarm–sometimes two or three.  Several models are sold online.  Why they don’t work is because by themselves, they cannot change a pattern of sleep.  Also, a bedwetter sleeps so deeply, they rarely hear it sounding.  They don’t even awaken to a piercing smoke alarm!  Ultimately the use of a stand-alone alarm or “pad and bell” to end bedwetting is useless.

What does NOT CAUSE bedwetting?
  • Psychological irregularities
  • Physiological challenges
  • Fluid consumption
  • Toilet training mistakes
  • A missing hormone
  • An underdeveloped bladder
  • Constipation
  • Poor diet
  • Laziness
What does NOT CURE bedwetting?
  • Medication
  • Pull-ups or Goodnites
  • Alarms by themselves
  • Mats, pads & bracelets
  • Restricting fluids
  • Changes in diet
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Constipation therapy
  • Rewards or punishment
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Removal of tonsils & adenoids
  • Awakening in the night for trips to the bathroom

Please know this:  All of these attempts to cure bedwetting only scratch the surface, or have no relationship to proper treatment whatsoever. That’s why families try these things and see no results or only temporary ones. Money and time were wasted; disappointment was the outcome. It’s heartbreaking for both the parents and the child.

Our Invitation To You

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