Treatment At The Enuresis Treatment Center

Dear Dr. Moore,

I am writing this letter to recount for you our experiences prior to and during Bryan’s treatment at your enuresis clinic and to express our gratitude for the positive change it has made in our lives.

For years, our mornings were stressful and unhappy as Bryan awoke moody and depressed over his bed-wetting.  I woke to face his wet bed, sheets that had to be stripped and laundered, in addition to the usual hustle and bustle of caring for three children and getting them off to school.  Bryan was unable to participate in the sleepovers and slumber parties his friends were enjoying; and my other two children felt the effects of frayed nerves and too little time devoted to their needs.

After years of visiting the pediatrician, trying new diets for Bryan, “rewards” for dry nights, treats, and tears we finally read about your clinic.

I only wish we had found your program sooner.  We could never attach a price tag to our son’s self esteem and confidence but we regard that as the wisest investment of time and money we have ever spent.  In just three short months Bryan’s enuresis was treated and “cured”; he was spared unnecessary medical tests and our lives are all calmer and happier as a result of your help.

Thank You.

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