What Not To Do

Donʼt… Use Drugs

drugs.jpgAccording to the American Academy of Pediatrics, less than 1% of bedwetting cases are caused by a medical problem. Bedwetting Drugs are merely a temporary fix for a complicated problem, and, of course, have side effects. Therefore, why would drugs be prescribed as often as they are? Drugs do not get to the core of the problem – the sleep disorder.

Donʼt…Use Pull-Ups

pull_ups.jpgDisposable diapers, (Pull-Ups and Goodnights), prolong a childʼs suffering from chronic bedwetting. They serve to keep the sheets dry, yes, but the child remains wet all night long. Wearing diapers does not address the underlying and most important issue: the deep-sleep bed wetting disorder. Most importantly, an older child wearing diapers tends to feel ashamed, and they are at risk for being humiliated if “discovered” at sleepovers.

Donʼt…Reward or Scold for Wet or Dry Nights

scold.jpgThe child is not wetting the bed on purpose. It is unfair to reward or scold for something that is totally out of the childʼs control. The bedwetter is in the same deep sleep as a sleep walker, or a person with sleep apnea. Imagine being blamed for something that you canʼt control.

Donʼt …Wait To Outgrow Bedwetting

outgrow.jpgAdvice to wait for your child to outgrow bedwetting is the worst advice you can get. While the child waits, they continue to feel different, burdened by shame and secrecy. Bedwetters, older children bed wetting,  can suffer with emotional pain and damage to self-esteem, especially when it continues well into adulthood. Most importantly, if a child were to outgrow bedwetting, then they are left with a sleep disorder that can no longer be changed. Sleep disorder symptoms can manifest into adulthood, such as sleep apnea, and not feeling rested.

What You Can Count On With Our Evidence-Based Bedwetting Treatment:

  • An individually-designed treatment plan
  • Eliminating the sleep disorder causing the bedwetting
  • Working with you until the bedwetter is dry every night
  • Ending the daily stress bedwetting creates
  • Working with you long distance, which is equally effective as in person