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Why Was My Doctor Not Concerned About The Bedwetting?

October 2011


My son had wet his bed every night, (except for a night or two here and there that he maybe wasn’t feeling well). We had stressed to his doctor many times about our concerns of the constant bedwetting. First they said her should stop by the age of 8. Then the said not to be concerned until he is 10. As he was approaching the age of 10 and still had NO dry mornings, we once again brought our concerns to the doctor. This time we were told that unless he’s 12 years old, there is nothing to worry about.


But as my son was growing older and had only a few months before he was going to be 12 years old, it was clear that the constant bed-wetting was affecting his happiness, his confidence, his sleep AND anxiety that someone would see his “pullups” that he wore to bed.


My husband and I took matters into our own hands and searched the internet “help for bedwetting”. This is how we found the Enuresis Treatment Center. They answered all of questions and understood so much more than the doctor about his sleep and bedwetting.


Thank you again to Claudia and to everyone on the Enuresis Treatment Center. You listened, put a plan in place and we are thrilled that our son is waking up dry every morning without all the worries and anxieties.


Rebecca B

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