A 40 Year Track Record for Success is What Sets Us Apart from the Other Bedwetting Treatments

We have been perfecting our methodology since 1975 with a 97% success rate, and we are constantly amazed and inspired by the improvements we see in tens of thousands of children, teens, and adults who have completed our treatment program. We understand the world of sleep, and we have cultivated our expertise by further understanding what it takes to eliminate bedwetting by creating a healthy pattern of sleep.




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We have gathered a team of experts we refer to as Treatment Advisors. Each Advisor is chosen for their professional background as teachers, school psychologists, or nurses, and then trained in our specialized protocol. An Advisor will be partnered with you or your family, and will be personally accountable to successfully guide you through all phases of treatment.

why_we_are_the_experts.jpgEvery patient who wets the bed presents with a unique set of symptoms.  Schedule appointments with your Advisor is the key ingredient to facilitating treatment and supporting you to a permanent resolution for bedwetting. This communication is the means by which we are able to generate a treatment approach that best fits your individual needs.

What you can count on that no one else can offer:

  • An individualized treatment program
  • Proven methods to build the “bladder to brain” connection
  • Continuous personalized support
  • A drug free solution
  • References