Would Recommend This Bedwetting Treatment Programme To Anyone!

Enuresis Treatment Center

Dear Michelle,

I just wanted to say Thank you for all your help and guidance
throughout Rebecca’s recent enuresis treatment course.

Prior to starting the programme with you, our 10 year old daughter had only had a handful of dry nights in her life. She wanted to go to sleep overs and school trips but felt unable to. We visited our local GP who told us that she would grow out of it – (this is clearly not the case). Tablets were prescribed on two occasions when she spent time away from home on camping holidays. Unfortunately, although instructions had been carefully adhered to – bed wetting still occurred.

We were referred to our local enuresis nurse and followed a programme set up by the NHS but unfortunately as Rebecca wears hearing aids the sounder was not loud enough to wake her and she became despondent at months of trying and not getting anywhere. I felt there must be another option.

After locating your clinic on the web I contacted them and an initial call with Gaile was set up so the programme could be explained fully. We were invited to ask questions – of which I had many – and we were left to digest the information and decide if the programme was right for us all as a family, I was delighted there was no hard sell.

We decided to go ahead – and after previously purchasing a large capacity washing machine to deal with the two loads of bedding washing accumulated each day, I only wish I had explored this avenue earlier!!

The fact that the Enuresis Treatment Center is in America and we are in the UK was not a problem, our regular conversations scheduled for a time convenient to both our counsellor Michelle and us (taking into consideration the time difference) have kept us on the straight and narrow and we regularly adapted the programme around our daughter to tailor make the programme specifically to her, I had particularly problems in waking her on occasions and the suggestions Michelle had up her sleeve –I would never have thought of!!

Rebecca fully engaged with the programme and was committed from the onset.

The benefits from the programme are further reaching than ‘just’ being dry all night, every night – Rebecca suffers with glue ear and sleep apnoea –
something which has made her very difficult to wake in the mornings, often exhausted having slept poorly.

Over the past month she has woken to the sound of her alarm clock or before, looking rested and definitely in a better mood.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the programme to anyone – we feel this is the greatest gift we could have given Rebecca – one which will last for life!

We now have to change the bed as part of the weekly wash rather than the daily ‘wet bed’ washing. My washing machine has breathed a sigh of relief!

Thank you once again.

Tracey and family,

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