“I know why your child wets the bed, and I’m here to help you.”
“This is a complicated problem that needs special attention. I know because my daughter, Gaile, wet the bed, and even though I followed every suggestion given to me by physicians, psychologists – even surgeons – she continued wetting. It was devastating.”
Barbara Moore, Founder & CEO

Our programs provide everything you need:

  • Your own private counselor to lead you through each step
  • Our trademarked sleep training approach to impact problematic sleep
  • Our reinforcement process to verify 100% dry nights
  • Availability. We are here for you six days a week

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“My daughter joined our family-owned business many years ago. As the first patient, she is uniquely qualified to treat bedwetting. She can speak firsthand about her experience with the damaging effects of unhealthy sleep, and how horrible it feels to wake up in a wet bed.”

Barbara Moore was confronted with a major challenge. Her daughter, Gaile, was wetting the bed, and the frustration was mounting. She had taken Gaile for ongoing visits with a therapist because she was told that her bedwetting condition as an older child still bed wetting was psychological in nature.

Then she admitted Gaile into the hospital for surgery (stretching the urethra), since she was told the enuresis was a physical issue that could be immediately remedied. At her wits’ end, Barbara considered the enuresis medication Tofranil (imipramine), until she discovered it was an anti-depressant with serious side effects.

The final piece of advice regarding how to stop bedwetting was to “give it time,” that Gaile would outgrow it by puberty (years away). That was not an option for Barbara. She had an adult uncle who was still wetting the bed, and she could see Gaile was clearly being affected… she was hiding her wet sheets, denying her bedwetting, and was awakening sluggish and irritable. Gaileʼs daytime hours were disrupted by her urgent and frequent needs to urinate, for which Gaile was prescribed Ditropan (Oxybutynin). This had no effect other than causing dry mouth. Equally alarming for Barbara, Gaile was often difficult to awaken in the morning, and was prone to outbursts and easily frustrated as the day wore on.

After exhausting all medical and psychological resources to no avail, Barbara took matters into her own hands. Determined to find bed wetting solutions, Barbara embarked on a mission, eventually uncovering an internationally- recognized sleep study that changed everything.  It made sense and the deep-sleep bed wetting described Gaile.  Based on this study, Barbara and her consultants created the bed wetting treatment program, which is based on correcting a sleep disorder known to be the root cause of bedwetting. Gaile was the first child to receive this bedwetting treatment… and the first of many to awaken every morning in a dry bed.



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Meet our bedwetting treatment advisors

As heard on a national radio talk show, Gaile talks about our unique bedwetting programs.

Gaile talks about her personal experience with being an older child still bed wetting, and how that experience helps her understand the challenges that bedwetters face daily.

Together, Barbara and Gaile have built an internationally- acclaimed enuresis treatment center for bedwetting.