About Bedwetting Treatment Center

A Word from our Founder, Barbara J. Moore: 

“Back in the day, doctors suggested surgery for bedwetting.  At age six, Gaile underwent this surgical procedure only because I was told the bedwetting was a physical issue that could be immediately remedied by it.  The surgery failed, and I was beside myself.

I also entered Gaile into psychotherapy because I was told she must have subconscious trauma that induced her bedwetting.  I considered the medication Tofranil until I discovered it was an anti-depressant with serious side effects.  I considered the medication DDAVP until I read its list of serious side effects.  Then I realized medication doesn’t fix bedwetting; it would be a mere bandaid.

I still marvel that I was told to wait for Gaile to one day outgrow the bedwetting–that MAYBE by puberty a change would come.  I wonder if they would make that suggestion if they were to witness her becoming increasingly withdrawn because she felt the bedwetting meant there was something wrong with her.  Would they tell me to “wait and see” if they observed her sadness and my frustration?  Would they tell me to wait if they had to wash urine-soaked sheets every day?

Sometimes it takes a resourceful mom to find a solution to something, and my determination to help my daughter led me on a research mission.  This was long before the internet.  Well before microfiche.   I found the answer after spending weeks going through journals and books at the University of Michigan Library.

The “A-ha moment” arrived when I uncovered an internationally-recognized sleep study which indicated that bedwetting (enuresis) is actually caused by the deep sleep pattern Gaile inherited.  This discovery truly changed the course of our lives for the better!

With Gaile as my first patient, I sought assistance from the kind of people who understood the science I uncovered, and who were aligned with my vision to create a cure for bedwetting–people outside of the medical profession–and we did it!

It was one of the greatest joys of my life being able to help my daughter overcome this horrible condition and thrive, and it’s been a joy for 45 years being able to empower parents to help their children do the same!”

Here Gaile talks about her personal experience as a bedwetter, and shares her expertise about bedwetting and how she can help your child.