Bed Wetting Treatment FAQs

How can you help bedwetting from a distance? 

We offer you the benefit of over four decades of success putting a stop to bedwetting.  We are able to work with you regardless of where you live.  The only requirement is the ability to communicate via phone or Skype.  Our protocol involves meeting with you approximately every two weeks –the same treatment counselor from beginning to end. They will lead you through every phase of the process, step by step.  The personal attention is really what makes the program work so well.  You will never have to guess at anything or hope you’re doing it right.

Is your bedwetting treatment covered by medical insurance?

Bedwetting is not a medical condition, and is, therefore, not covered by medical insurance. Most flexible spending programs can be used to pay for treatment. In the United States it is also an income tax deduction.

What does bedwetting have to do with the diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder?

Many bedwetters have been what we would call misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, because the symptoms, such as being easily distracted and unfocused, are produced by a bedwetterʼs deep-sleep disorder, and are almost identical to the symptoms of ADD/ADHD. As a result of our approach, we see these symptoms abate.

My pediatrician sent me to a urologist who she conducted all sorts of tests, but her only advice was to restrict fluids.  Does that work? 

Bedwetting is not medical in nature.  Less than one percent of bedwetting is caused by a physical problem.  While the pediatrician has a patient’s best interest in mind, this condition is not in their course of study and are often at a loss with recommendations for treatment.  Restricting fluids is not helpful.  It only serves to dehydrate the body, yet it does not prevent the bedwetting.

Why do doctors tell me not to worry?  They say my child will outgrow the bedwetting…is this true?

Bedwetting can continue into adulthood if left untreated. One in one hundred adults will continue wetting the bed. Each year of bedwetting also causes further physical underdevelopment of the bladder, a weakened pelvic floor muscle, not to mention needless embarrassment and emotional challenges.  Additionally, IF one were to outgrow bedwetting – of which there is NO guarantee – then they are left with the underlying cause of the bedwetting – an unhealthy pattern of sleep.

Is the use of drugs or nasal sprays effective in stopping bedwetting?

Drugs and nasal sprays are artificial ways of elevating the sleep and/or decreasing the production of urine. When those treatments are stopped, recurrence is common. The nasal spray DDAVP (Desmopressin), while frequently used, is not effective at putting a stop to bedwetting. Also it should not be used on a long-term basis since there is no research on side effects from such use.

Is the bladder too small and does it cause bedwetting to happen?

Bladder size is determined by individual demand and grows mostly at night. Bedwetting retards growth by emptying the bladder one or more times during the night. Said another way, the bladder becomes underdeveloped as a result of the bedwetting. A small bladder does not cause bedwetting.

We have tried to stop the bedwetting for years. Our teenager is very discouraged and tired of being told he would outgrow this condition. What can be done?

Each unsuccessful attempt to help stop bedwetting (restricting fluids, taking to the bathroom, bedwetting alarms, drugs, alarm clocks, reward, scolding, buzzer pads, surgeries) leaves the teenager and family with feelings of failure and frustration. Some people stop wetting the bed in their teen years, but are still left with the heavy, deep sleep pattern that can never be corrected. We work directly with you to impact the deep sleep pattern as a critical part of treatment to stop the bedwetting.

Is bedwetting caused by a psychological problem?

No, bedwetting does not have an emotional cause. However, it can create psychological side effects that are quite troublesome. Our drug-free program is not based upon psychological counseling.

Many internet companies claim to treat bedwetting. How are you different?

We have been a bedwetting specialist since 1975. We have a 97% success rate, and we offer you, with confidence, a money-back guarantee.  Once bedwetting treatment has begun, you have unlimited access to your Bedwetting Counselor.  We have found that our patients find comfort in knowing that beyond their regularly scheduled appointments, they can call and have any question answered or any challenge addressed.  Availability makes all the difference.

We are happy to provide you with references from former patients once you have completed your consultation.

Our program has a Money-Back Guarantee. Call 1-800-379-2331 in the United States or +1-248-785-1199 for international calls.