Does your bedwetting treatment always work?


Year after year my doctor keeps telling me not to worry because my daughter’s bedwetting will eventually go away.  I like my physician, but I just don’t trust the advice any longer. Why would he tell me to wait for this to be outgrown?  And WILL it be outgrown?


I live in Texas.  How can I get help for bedwetting if your clinic is in Michigan?

What about constipation?  Could this be the cause?


Why do you need to have a consultation with us?  Can’t we just purchase your program online?


I tried that blue pad system I found online.  It didn’t work. What do you do differently?


How long have you been treating bedwetting and how can you guarantee results?


Do you prescribe medications for treatment?

This is where the answer could include all the methods that don’t work.  


My son is resigned that he will never stop wetting because we’ve tried everything to end it and nothing has worked.  What should I tell him about you that could open his eyes to try again?


Why do you keep mentioning sleep?  I just want the bedwetting to be over with.


How do you know when someone has stopped bedwetting for good?


What are your credentials for treating bedwetting?  What’s your training?


Why would my doctor give me medication?  Could it possibly work?


My spouse does not believe my 11 year old is trying hard enough to stop bedwetting. How can I make him understand?


My 15 year old still wets the bed and the doctor/pediatrician ran all kinds of test. The doctor said he was fine? How can you help him?


Our doctor is recommending a sleep study for our 11-year-old who still wets the bed.  How is that going to solve the bedwetting problem?


Why is my 13-year-old still wetting the bed?


My nine-year-old claims he does not feel when he is wetting the bed at night.  Why can’t he feel himself wetting?


Why don’t really loud bedwetting alarms wake up my 12-year-old so he will stop wetting the bed?


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