Bed Wetting Treatment FAQs


We live in another state. Can you help us from a distance?

We work with families from all over the world. Our bed wetting treatment is highly effective no matter where you live. We work with you via telephone, Skype or in our clinic. We have successfully treated bedwetters from all over the globe.

How long does the treatment take?

Most of our patients are having success in three to six months. Few take less time, some take more. Time varies depending on the individual case.

ADHD and bedwetting – Are bedwetting and attention deficit disorders related?

Yes and no. ADD/ADHD and bedwetting have overlapping symptoms. Someone who wets the bed almost always have difficulties with focusing, concentration and other symptoms that resemble those of ADD/ADHD.

My son is 12, and I have been using an inexpensive blue pad and alarm kit that I ordered online.  The site looked good, i like that we could watch videos, but it was worthless in the end.  Because although my son started having dry nights, it turned out that he began wetting again—every night.  It was totally disappointing to both of us.  Why does this keep happening with each thing we try?

We get about 10 to 15 calls a month from frustrated parents regarding using these blue alarm pads.  Many parents feel they’ve tried everything.  No wonder they are frustrated and disappointed.  Because the focus NEEDS to be that a bedwetter sleeps too deeply to hear ANY sound in the night.  Additionally, bedwetters can move around in bed, and they end up moving off the pad.  Failure is set up for those two reasons alone.

Why can’t my doctor stop the bedwetting?

Bedwetting is not caused by a medical problem.

Doctors advice about how to stop bed wetting can include any of the following:

1. Don’t worry, your child will out grow it
2. Use medications
3. Restrict fluids and take the child to the bathroom during the night
4. Seek psychological help
5. Use a reward system such as a star chart
6. Have bladder and sleep studies done
7. Try an bedwetting alarm and or a self help book

None of the above methods will stop bed wetting. Sooner or later they will all fail.

How old is your typical patient?

While bed wetting becomes a problem around five years old, most of our patients are 10 years old or older – often into adulthood. Almost all of them have tried other methods that were doomed to fail.

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