The First Step!

The purpose of our First Step Consultation is to gather detailed information needed to design a treatment plan that meets your child or teenager’s individual needs, and it helps match you, the parent, with the right bedwetting treatment counselor to guide you through the process of ending the bedwetting – step by step.  This private and sensitive consultation is conducted by one of our Directors, and is approximately one hour in length.  You will learn about who we are and what we do, and you can determine if you hear a good fit with us.

Please call us for a free inquiry and a fee estimate.  If you feel ready, at that time you may wish to schedule your First Step Consultation.

Please know this:  You are not doing ANYTHING alone!  No guesswork; no hoping you’ll get it right.  We have found that direct and consistent guidance and communication is the key to a successful outcome.  We are the experts, and we are your partner.  Together we permanently bring about an end to bedwetting and the stress it creates.